Urban Survival Essentials

urban survival essentials
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We’ve been very focused on surviving in the unknown, but what about urban survival situations? If you live in an urban area, you may be at work, home, or somewhere around town when a disaster strike happens.

Therefore, you need an urban survival kit that will help you survive for several days from anywhere. This survival kit can be personalized to suit any emergency or disaster such as flood, earthquake, etc.

The kit items won’t be the same as what you’ll pack into a wilderness bug-out bag. We recommend having a kit at home, at work, and in your car so that you don’t need to run home to pick up your survival kit during an emergency.

Here are important resources to pack in your urban survival kit.


A tactical flashlight should be one of the first items in your urban survival gear. You will need it during a power outage. It can serve different purposes, and at the very least, it can be used as a self-defense tool. When shopping for one, you need to get a good flashlight, not a small pen flashlight. Also, please keep it on you or at an easy-to-access part of your kit.

First Aid Kit

Every survival kit should have a first aid kit, even if it contains just an antiseptic spray, a few band-aids, tape, and gauze strips. It is very easy to get injured during a survival situation, so preparing for any injury is important.

Water Bottle

It would help if you had a water bottle in your survival kit because you’ll need to drink enough water to stay mentally and physically strong. It’s necessary that you have water filtration tablets or a water filter. This is in case you run out of clean water, and you need to filter your water.

Survival Food

Pack up freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed, or dehydrated food. Survival food is one of those survival kit essentials you should not forget to pack. There are bug-out bag food kits you could buy from the market if you don’t have the time to create one yourself.

Emergency Radio

Your survival kit should also contain a small solar-powered AM FM radio. This small device will keep you connected and provide you with weather reports and emergency updates for your area. It could turn out to be a lifesaver for any disaster that shuts down all mobile networks.

Mobile Phone

It’s important that you carry your mobile phone along during an emergency to reach out to family and friends and receive updates about the situation. What if the phone’s battery goes low? You should get a solar charger that can power your phone if the power grid is down during the disaster.


An item as simple, lightweight, and cheap as a lighter should be part of your survival bag. It would help if you had a lighter in your pocket and an extra one in your kit. This item can supply you with both light and fire during a disaster.

Folding Survival Knife

This a self-defense weapon that should be part of your survival backpack. Instead of packing a large Bowie-type knife, a small folding survival knife is more discrete.

Respirator Mask

A respirator mask is important not because of the Covid-19 pandemic but because the air can be our enemy most times. If the air becomes unhealthy, you should not be breathing in those bad chemicals. Packing an N99 or N95 respirator mask will protect you in such a scenario.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is an essential survival kit item. With duct tape, you can quickly fix ducts, band-aid, seal boxes, and seal off food packages. You can use it as kindling to start a fire or use it to put broken glasses back together. Duct tape can also be used as a handcuff for self-defense if you should ever need it.

Spare Batteries

You will need spare batteries for your emergency radios, flashlights, and other devices. Keep them stored in waterproof bags and get hand-crank versions of your devices so that you’re not dependent on batteries.


When a disaster happens, getting money out of the ATM may become a hassle, so having cash on hand is important. You should spread out the money and hide them in several places in your kit. Ensure that you have small bills and changes in your wallet.

FAQ on Urban Survival Essentials

What to put in an urban bug-out bag?

Here are some essential items that make the cut. Shelter: A lightweight tarp or poncho shelter, a lightweight sleeping bag, and water purification methods like tablets (i.e., Aquamira Water Treatment) if you need more than what’s available at home for drinking purposes, as well as fire-starting tools such as magnesium blocks with striker bars which can be scraped into sparks even when wet or metal shavings from tin foil wrappers! Don’t forget food, too, since it might take a while before rescue arrives – packs of nuts and power bars will keep your energy up while waiting out any disaster situation. And don’t leave without first aid supplies, including

What is the most important survival tool?

A good knife! A survival knife can be your best friend in a situation where you need to defend yourself. As they are usually small and lightweight, it’s easy for an outdoor survivor to carry their trusty blade everywhere with them so that when those situations arise, they’re ready!.

What are essential survival items?

This list of 7 essentials will keep you safe in an emergency. By combining food, water, and first aid with the four other important categories: warmth/shelter, sanitation hygiene, and lighting & communication-you, you’ll be able to withstand anything!

What would happen without these? You have no idea what could happen when things go wrong, so it’s best not only to prepare for them but also think about how they might affect your family or friends if there was an accident at work or school; a natural disaster that disrupts supplies like hurricanes can cause during hurricane season as well as flooding from massive rainfall which is common during monsoon seasons throughout Asia and Africa. Well, now we know why survival kits are such necessary items because our health depends

What is a three-day survival kit?

The three-day survival kit is designed to provide the basic needs of one person. It includes supplies like emergency food and water, as well as a water container that can hold enough of both items to last three days.

Do you really need a bug-out bag?

The ultimate survival kit bug-out bag is a modern-day necessity. If some disaster occurs and there is a mandatory evacuation, obviously, you’ll want one of these packs on hand to help make the transition easier in your temporary new home. However, if it becomes impossible for you to live at home due to events like gas leaks or fires, or even nuclear disasters where radiation levels are too high; then this pack will be essential so that you have what’s needed with just a quick grab-and-go before fleeing from danger into uncertainly without knowing when exactly such dangers may strike again.

What is urban survival?

Urban survival is an art form that must be mastered. Surviving a world-shattering event from within a dangerous city takes not only skills and tools but also creativity and mental fortitude to stay alive. A canny urban survivor will have plans for everything from earthquakes to EMPs, as well as being able to keep their wits about them in any situation imaginable while managing emotional responses, so they don’t get overwhelmed by stress or fear when things go awry around them.

Final words

You can add any item of your choice to this list, but you need to consider if it is lightweight and essential for urban survival. How do you do that? First, make a list, and then use our list as a yardstick to pick your essential items. It would be best if you never assumed that your survival kit is complete; there should always be room for more items.

Also, note that when a disaster strikes, you need both tools and skills. You should know how to use the tools and be mentally ready for any situation. This is because the more skills you have, the less gear you’ll need.

Urban Survival Essentials Interactive Checklist