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A Review Of Ted’s Woodworking Plans

A Product Description And Review Of Ted’s Woodworking Plans:

The hobby of woodworking has witnessed tremendous growth in its popularity in recent years. As the lifestyles of so many people are increasingly urban and modern, the value of the satisfaction of actually working with your own hands to physically create something valuable. Given that, there have been thousands of folks that decided to start doing woodworking.


One of the most prominent difficulties in woodworking is actually finding plans which are suitable to you. Sometimes, the simplest of ideas are for projects that just might not hold your interest. Other times, you might find some awesome things that you’d love to make, but then the plans are conversely too complicated for you. On top of all this, it might not work out buying books that have woodworking plans since there is likely to be quite a limited selection.

Teds Woodworking Plans 2022One of the best-selling woodworking guides which has sold many thousands of copies is one called Ted’s Woodworking Plans. It’s only actually available online, and yet this is a collection of 15,000 different woodworking plans. It’s been a bestseller online for quite a few years. Ted McGrath is a professional woodworker. He knew just what woodworkers and hobbyists needed. That’s why he put together this collection of various woodworking plans. The humongous size of it is because of how many multiple projects it has, and the sheer volume of it puts very far ahead of any other woodworking guide on the market.

Numerous woodworking enthusiasts have used these plans to create a broad array of items which look attractive and are also quite useful. Can you possibly imagine building your own kitchen cabinets to use at home? You’ll get to take pride in that for years, and that’s on top of the money that you can save.

So, let’s take a good look at specific points about Ted’s Woodworking Plans so we can learn the pros and cons.

First, The Pros on Ted’s Woodworking Plans:

1) So Many Choices: The number one selling point about this product is without a doubt the tremendous variety of available plans. You’ll be downright spoiled for choices. If you look at other physical woodworking guides, you’re just not going to find many, if any, that have 15,000 plans or more. Given how this particular product comes as an online download, it’s a massive collection of drawings. Everyone can find a project in this collection, regardless of their skill level, available supplies and tools, and what they specifically would like to make, create, or build.

2) Visualize The Final Product: There are many times that it can be beneficial to know what the final product should look like before you start on a project. Ted’s product has both 3D modeling software and a DWG CAD file viewer that you can use in deciding which particular projects you should try. There’s no real point in making something if you aren’t going to be happy with the end product’s aesthetics.

3) Simplicity: This has been a driving force behind the popularity of this product for many years. The plans aren’t just laid out step by step but are also quite detailed, making it a cinch to follow along with them. Quite often, a lot of woodworking plans are stuffed with industry jargon and terminology that confuse and even intimidate users. Ted’s plans come to you pure and concise, written in ways that even laymen can follow and learn from. You’ll have no trouble understanding the content that is written in quite a straightforward manner.

4) Learning Curve: There are many aspiring woodworkers out there who want to use plans like these but don’t personally have a robust woodworking foundation. This is definitely a setback for them. Ted is aware of this, which is why he includes a woodworking manual which explains the basic fundamentals of woodworking as well as several tricks and insider tips. This foundational guide has 200 pages to provide you the working knowledge you need to make the most of the plans and turn into an experienced woodworker.

5) Modern Content: How many times have you heard someone say a picture is worth a thousand words? It’s true, but then how many words are one video worth? Ted’s Woodworking Plans Ted’s Woodworking Plans comes with 150 premier instructional videos that help you understand what you need to know a lot faster and easier. You still have to read the written plans and refer to them when you build the projects, but you’ll be able to do that after watching the tutorials.

6) High-Res Plans: The high resolution makes plans very clear, so they’re easy to read. This is great since you won’t to waste time or energy using magnifying glasses or squint to understand the project details.

7) Money-Back Guarantee: Are 15,000 plans not enough for you already? You might not know that until you’ve spent some time with them, and if for some reason, they’re not good enough for you, then you can get a full refund up to 60 days after you buy these woodworking plans. You likely won’t ask for one though, because you’ll be too busy building something.

The Cons on Ted’s Woodworking Plans:

1) 15,000 Plans: Yes, this is the number one selling point, but it’s also a drawback. The collection is enormous, and it’s easy to get lost in it. Just which one do you pick? Where do you even start looking? The sheer size of this collection overwhelms quite a few. A good rule of thumb is looking through smaller projects so you can bite off what you can chew before moving up later. You’ll get more experience as you build your skills because if you’re not able to make a small birdhouse, then tackling a dining room table isn’t smart.

2) Online Download: It’s not a physical book. You have to have a computer and one that has Internet accessibility at that.

3) Scattershot Categorization: The plans aren’t organized very neatly. It might not even be possible given how vast the collection is. However, it can be fun going through them all and finding the gems and winners.

Teds wood working plans software 2022

Should You Buy It Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

If you have a passion for woodworking, then this particular product was made just for you.

It’s an excellent investment that comes at an affordable price point. When you have over 15,000 plans, you’ll never run of out projects the rest of your life. Ted’s Woodworking Plans is a perennial bestseller and not slowing down.

This proven product is something that will always do you right. Get your own copy so you can start woodworking projects right away. There aren’t many things that bring the satisfaction of making something beautiful and useful with your own hands and skills. If you use these plans right, you’ll get that satisfaction with every product.

Get Your Copy Of ‘Ted’s Woodworking Plans Ted’s Woodworking Plans‘ Right Now!

Proven DIY Woodworking Ideas

Woodworking requires the ability to plan and follow steps. Each step has a role in the overarching result, and that’s where well-designed ideas can go a long way.

These DIY woodworking ideas are robust, comprehensive, and in line with what you are hoping to get from the project. Let’s take a look at what makes them truly unique.

Detailed DIY Woodworking Ideas

It starts with the complete steps associated with these ideas and how they are laid out for a person to follow. To make sure everything is done safely and the result is meaningful, these ideas account for everything. There’s no value in a design that is impossible to understand or doesn’t work in the manner it is supposed to. This is where the underlying details go a long way and become incredibly useful over the long-term.

You can look at different angles and come up with a solution that has a real purpose to it.

An Assortment of Ideas for DIY Woodworking Ideas

There are so many unique ideas to choose from, and this can go a long way for those who want to do something empowering. Each design is going to be unique. Ask, what it can offer and how it is going to come together once the woodworking begins. The beauty of being able to select between so many options knows you will find one that is just right. It is going to work well with what you are doing at home, and it will remain an excellent addition for the long haul. This is what woodworking is all about as you work on your craft!

Fun DIY Woodworking Ideas

There’s a purpose to woodworking that has to be kept in mind. It’s also essential to look at the entertainment of building something on your own. With these DIY woodworking ideas, you will have the time of your life, and it is going to lead to something breathtaking. These plans have been put together with considerable attention to detail and are going to work well as soon as they are put to use. Anyone that is hoping to enjoy themselves while building a high-quality wooden solution will know it is time to look at these ideas.

Safe and Effective Woodworking Ideas

For the best DIY woodworking ideas, it’s essential to find plans that are safe and effective. This includes how the materials are to be used, where they are going to be placed during the process, and how to make sure the result is useful over the long-run. Each variable matters over time and has to be accounted for if the goal is to build something meaningful. With these woodworking ideas, you can piece together a solution that is going to look fantastic and will also play the role it is supposed to.

As soon as you start working on one of these DIY woodworking ideas, the quality will begin to stand out in all the right ways. It will bring a smile to your face.

Woodworking Ideas For a Business

Woodworking is basically carving or making items from wood. From interior woodwork such as cabinets and chairs to exterior woodworks like sheds and railings, the demand for woodworking has been on a high since inception. It will stay so for as long as trees exist.

Most individuals pride themselves in robust skills in this field but never really go beyond the hobby level. If that’s you, then know that you can convert that experience and skills into a lucrative business without spending a fortune. Here are some awesome woodworking business ideas:

Making Bookshelves

A bookshelf is ideally considered as a decor piece, apart from its primary function. You can make various types of bookshelves and even customized ones for your clients. Bookshelves are required in homes, institutions, workplaces as well as hospitals. If you do the necessary things, this can be a very profitable business.

Sitting Arrangements

Various kinds of sitting arrangements with tables are ideally considered as home decor items. They are sometimes used for exterior sitting spaces like in a garden and terrace. You can make various types of distinct and appealing sitting arrangements using simple tools.

Jewelry Boxes

Wooden jewelry boxes are popular among women. They generally come with appealing patterns on the lid. They are a popular product, and you can start the business with relatively small capital. Ladies like to take care of their makeup kits and keep them in appealing designed boxes.

Jewelry boxes can sell for as much 10 or even 20 times what it costs to craft them. This makes them a potentially very lucrative home business. This is the kind of woodworking business that will allow you to be creative in the materials chosen as well as the design.

These are just a few woodworking ideas for a business, but they are all fun and profitable if executed properly.

DIY Woodworking: 5 Skills You will Need to Hone

Many people think woodworking is a daunting task that requires years of study under a qualified carpentry master to achieve or at least a complete carpentry set. While this kind of training and tooling would be ideal, there is actually a wide range of woodworking crafts and projects that can be done. Just, master a few necessary skills with a few essential tools.

woodworking skills

With a will to learn and an intuitive approach, perfecting the following skills will officially graduate your DIY woodwork proficiency from novice to intermediate levels and the potential to progress depend on you alone.

1. Drill Work

There is hardly a project that won’t call for some precision holes placed at strategic locations. A simple cordless drill is the best tool to begin mastering this particular skill. Some skills to master are making holes of the exact same depth, drilling at an angle as well as setting up guides and pilot holes.

2. Cutting

Depending on what is being cut and why there are several tools and ways to cut the wood down to size. Try some handheld options to get a feel for the job. Jigsaws uses a reciprocating blade to cut various curves and shapes while the power or disc saw is best for cutting larger lumber precisely.

3. Connecting

Glues, nails, and screws are the most common implements for connecting pieces of wood and constructing marvels. Learn the differences between these simple connectors before moving on to more advanced jointing and dovetailing skills.

4. Sanding

Your completed project will last longer and look more professional when that beautiful wood has been ground down to a smooth glass surface ready for primers, paints, stains or varnishes. Taking the time to master the slow art of sanding adds distinction and quality to your finished product. But, there are also electric sanders that can do this quite simply.

5. Painting, Staining, and Varnishing

The final coat of paint or varnish will protect your final project from moisture, insects and allow for regular cleanings without deteriorating the wood below. Be sure to check out the different options available such as latex or oil paints as well as staining or varnishing. Each will provide a different look and level of protection for wooden constructions.

How Can You Trust Wooden Furniture Blueprints?

It is an age where so many people spend time in front of electronic screens or sitting in cars and cubicles. We need the desire to spend time actually crafting things by hand, it is growing in its popularity. The demand for wooden furniture blueprints is definitely indicative of this. There are quite a few sources of them, which should be a good thing.

There are so many of them available that the variety and abundance of them can be overwhelming. How do you choose which ones to use? How do you even know which ones you can trust?

Compounding the issue even further is the divide between free wooden furniture blueprints and ones you can pay for. The appeal of free plans should be obvious, in that they cost you nothing to view, download, or print out. However, if the blueprints are all that valuable, why are they for free in the first place? The fact of the matter is that they can be tremendously helpful even when free. As they’re out there to entice folks to visit particular websites and keep coming back. The plans might be free of charge, but the site gets to enjoy traffic and possibly even orders to its e-commerce store.

Likewise, plans that are paid for might be just extensive collections that someone scraped together of the thousands of free plans available online. Then again, a reputable author or creator might have come up with something unusual and new. These instructions and graphics would go through a professional editing process that could make your project much more manageable.

You don’t want to waste your time, energy, money, or space on a project that is going to be anything less than satisfactory. So, it’s not just essential to find wooden furniture blueprints for something you would like to create. You’ll also need to vet the source of them, and even review critiques of the designs themselves.

Shy away from websites whose contact pages are vague about their ownership or authoring. Do pay attention to any sources online that are well-reviewed and trusted by those on woodworking forums and social media communities. In the cases of hardcopy books, trust professional book reviewers with their analysis of individual titles.

In terms of the blueprints themselves, make sure they always tell you things like how much project space you need. Also, the necessary supplies list, and what tools you need. PDF files that you can print out are too often ideal if you don’t want to set up a laptop or computer in your project area. You’re going to kick up a lot of dust, and that’s never good for electronics.

Simple Woodworking Joints Every Beginner Should Know

List Wood Working JointsIf you’re new to woodworking, and you’re trying to find out more, you should make a point of learning about simple woodworking joints. Being familiar with basic joints will help you as you improve your skills and take on new projects.

Butt Joint

This describes a basic joint in which two pieces of wood are joined edge to edge or via a corner. Glue is frequently used to secure these joints.

Miter Joint

This is a type of corner joint that requires you to saw one of the ends on each wood piece to 450 degrees. You should only use this joint if you’re confident that you’ll be able to cut your wood accurately.

Through-Dovetail Joint

This joint is slightly complex but has a fantastic look. It requires you to accurately saw both pieces of wood so that you can fit them together like a puzzle.

Dado Joint

If you’ve ever put together a bookcase, then you’ve seen a dado joint before. This joint requires you to make a cut in one piece so that you can fit another piece on top of it. Unlike many similar joints, this particular joint does not require precise cutting.

Dowel Joint

These joints require you to drill aligning holes in your wood on each side. From there, you’ll be able to use dowels to secure the two pieces together.

Lap Joint

If you’re looking for a way to improve upon the basic butt joint, a lap joint might do the trick. This joint is identical to a butt joint except for the fact that it requires you to cut a rabbet in the overlapping piece.

If you take the time to learn these basic joints, you’ll be able to handle all sorts of different woodworking projects. It’s okay if you’re not a woodworking expert yet. There’s plenty of time for you to learn more.

Simple Cabinet Woodworking For DIY Projects

Woodworking is all about attention to detail, precision, and the ability to make use of DIY techniques for long-term results.

With cabinet woodworking, it’s essential to have a good plan in place that is easy to manage and is going to afford multiple opportunities to customize along the way. This can include how it looks, how it feels, and even how it is shaped from side to side. Each detail has a place in the grand scheme of things and can ensure the cabinet has the personal touch one craves.

This is the type of cabinet woodworking that is going to win a person over and will ensure the final result is in line with personal requirements.

Take the time to put together something that has a soul of its own. It is going to look the part as soon as it is put together. Remember, a great cabinet is all about the path it takes to get to the result. Some will choose materials based on their needs, while others look to spice things up and build for the vision they have in their mind.

The right plans can cater to these needs and deliver high-quality results!

Quick Guide To Making A DIY Folding Table

Did you know making your own DIY folding table is easier than you think? We have put together a brief guide to help you. Assuming you have already gotten all of the materials and tools, the steps involved with making a simple folding table are:

1. First, gather your wood and start making the legs and the table top. This is the easy part, as all you have to do is cut four pieces of wood into even lengths and widths. These pieces will be your legs. It’s entirely up to you how thick and long you want the legs to be.

Next, you’ll want to get the piece you’re using for your tabletop. Cut a few grooves into it. Also, if the table top needs to be sanded and finished, do that before anything.

2. Next step is to take the legs and the apron and join them together. Use screws to penetrate the legs and apron. Remember, this is a folding table, so screw the legs together too. Make an X shape with the legs and put a screw in the middle of the configuration. Do this before attaching the legs to the table. Don’t forget to use another piece of wood as a center bar, which will screw right into the center of each side of the legs.

3. The next step is to curtail the table. Look for the gaps and drill them in if need be. After you do this, turn the table back over and test it out.

Building your very own DIY folding table isn’t that hard. As long as you have a bit of patience and you have the right tools, you should be fine. All you have to do now is keep the above tips and advice in mind. Start working on your table.


Make Your Own DIY Wishing Well

How To Find Photos And Instructions for Your Wishing Well

If you’ve recently purchased a home and you’re looking for ideas to fix up your yard, you can either drive around some charming neighborhoods and get ideas or head on over to Pinterest. Pinterest is a website where all you have to do is type in what you’re interested in, and you’ll find thousands of pages where others have already gathered images of exactly what you’re after. Say for instance “DIY wishing wells” is what you want, you’ll find entire pages of hundreds of photos that others have seen and assembled all in one place for you to browse through.

Once You Choose A Wishing Well Design

When it comes to most wishing wells, the basic design is nearly the same. The only thing that changes is the construction materials and decorations. So in that case, you can do a search for “Homemade, How-to, or DIY wishing well instructions” and come up with a basic plan. Then click on the Pinterest image that you’ve found and see if they have more instructions as well, some do and some don’t.

Either way, you should get the largest image of the wishing well that you’ve chosen, save it to your computer, and maybe even print it out on a large piece of paper. That way you can look at all of the fine details, see what types of materials it’s made from, and then head on down to the home improvement store with your photo to buy materials.

You should also print up the materials list and cutting instructions from the plans so you know how much of each board type and size you’ll need to buy. If it’s your first big project, don’t hesitate to ask a sales clerk for help, they usually are very knowledgeable and know how to read diagrams too.

Once You Get Home with Your Wishing Well Supplies

After you get home with all of your materials, lay everything out in an open space like your garage floor. Start by taking one item off the list, and sawing all of the parts to the right length, then check off that item and move on to the next. Once everything has been cut, you’re ready to assemble.

You should always use galvanized deck screws because they don’t rust and are easy to insert with your drill. Drilling pilot holes is an excellent way to make sure that the wood does not split and the boards go together precisely the way they are planned to. Keep referring to your photos to make sure you’re doing everything correctly.

When you’re done, make sure you use a good quality stain that will prevent rot and last a long time in the weather. Take photos of your wishing well and post them on Pinterest to show that you’ve followed their guide and made one for yourself. Be proud of your ability to find a project, get the materials, follow the instructions and compete for everything to your satisfaction.

DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

Recycling and repurposing old and seemingly useless items around a home has become the norm nowadays. Not only does it allow you to bring your creative and extraordinary ideas into life, but it also helps you to save a boatload of cash. This is especially true when it comes to wooden pallets. For decades, wooden pallets have been very useful in industrial areas as they have been used to store bulky items and to load them with forklifts.

However, in the recent past, wooden pallets have proved to be a convenient resource in home decor and design. One can craft highly functional and stylish sofas, coffee tables, dining room tables, swing beds amongst other interior and exterior furniture using pallets. Wooden pallets offer an endless source of innovative ideas and innovations. Depending on your choice and type of wood, the pallets can be disassembled and turned into new or rustic pieces of furniture.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, there are some fun DIY pallet furniture projects you can engage in even with a small budget. This article takes a look at a variety of pallet furniture plans that you can do yourself.

Pallet Furniture DIY

Pallet Dining Table

If you are in the search for an affordable new or rustic table for your dining room? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that you can easily make one using pallets. An important thing to remember is that you need to choose wooden pallets that have not been chemically treated. After building the table, it is important to sand it properly and add some coating for durability and extended use. To get a better idea on how to make one, you can check out ScrapHacker, they have an easy-to-follow plan for building a dining table from wooden pallets.

Pallet Coffee Tables

There are numerous ways that you can utilize pallets to craft beautiful coffee tables.

Simple Pallet Coffee Tables: The first technique is one whereby you stack up and properly screw together two wooden pallets and then add some casters at the bottom. This is a very easy-to-make coffee table and doesn’t require much time or labor to complete. What’s more, depending on the design and height of the pallets, you can create ample shelf space to store your books, magazines and other items you might want to store there.

Pallet Coffee Table With A Glass Top: If you desire a pallet coffee table with a more modern look, then you can opt for a portable coffee table with a glass top. Polish the wood and paint it with your favorite color to attain your desired look and then fit it with a custom-cut glass top. Wheels can be found at a hardware store near you.

Traditional Style Pallet Coffee Table: Another simple pallet coffee table design is one that imitates the classic wooden table design that has a small shelf below the top and has four stands. You can make an exotic looking tables using pallets that have unusual colors or have been stained.

Pallet Sofas And Chairs

It may be hard to believe, but you can craft your favorite outdoor or indoor sofa or chair easily using pallets.

Outdoor Pallet Lounger

By stacking four wooden pallets (two-by-two) and using the rest of the materials to build an inclined back-rest, you can easily have a relaxing outdoor lounge chair.

Pallet Sofa With In-built Storage

For this project, you’ll require over six pallets that will help to craft a beautiful L-shaped sofa. You’ll stack the pallets in twos to get ample storage space. You can also opt to cover pallets with pillows and cushions for more comfort and a more homey look.

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