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Steiner Binoculars Reviews
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If you ask around for binoculars, Steiner will certainly be among the top names you will hear. All this is due to their manufacturing of high-quality optic equipment ranging from binoculars to riflescope. Their high recommendation is by no means a mistake.

Steiner has been in the binoculars game long enough to know what the market needs and deliver at a fairly reasonable price.

Brief History of Steiner

Steiner is an optic manufacturing company that was started by Karl Steiner back in 1947. Its headquarters are in Bayreuth, Germany, where Karl began the company as a one-person workshop before hiring more staff. His goal was to produce unrivaled optical equipment in terms of functionality and sturdiness and could be scaled through mass production.

To maintain the originality and quality of their products, Steiner produces each of their products from one location. This policy has made them a giant in their field as their products are highly standardized, meaning that the quality is the same irrespective of whichever country you buy them. For more than 70 years, they have conducted thorough research to improve the various aspects of their lenses, coatings, and prisms.

The level of detail observed in their equipment has seen them become military certified and approved by countries like the United States of America. Some of their most acknowledged innovations to date include the integration of compasses in their binoculars, the introduction of nitrogen-charged fog-proofing technology, and military laser protection filters. The years of research and rigorous testing have enabled Steiner to keep producing high-quality and durable products that provide value for your money.

Product Review of Steiner Binoculars

To fully understand the extent of their dedication to making high-quality optical products, below is a review of some of their most popular binoculars. This list is subdivided into different classes with regards to the best application for each of the models.

Hunting Binoculars

The Steiner binoculars in this line are designed to survive the harshest of conditions while delivering high-quality and bright images of your objects. Rain, cold, tree, and rock slams are just some conditions that this product best suits. From experience, exposure to such conditions necessitates a product that is highly adaptable and durable. Examples of binos in this series include:

Steiner HX 15×56

Steiner HX Series 15x56 Binoculars - Versatile, Clear, High Precision Adventure Optics for Low Light and Daylight Situations , BlackThis Steiner model is designed to provide you with an extended field of view and great images to help you sight your objects easily. Their lenses come fully multi-coated with Nano Protection technology to protect and make them waterproof. This technology works by making the water molecules repel against the coating’s surface, leaving them to roll down without leaving any stains.

Steiner HX Series 15x56 Binoculars - Versatile, Clear, High Precision Adventure Optics for Low Light and Daylight Situations , Black The lenses also come dielectric (with highly reflective coatings) and phase-corrected to give your clear images. This binocular has a field of view of 241ft at 1000 yards, an eye relief of 15.4mm, and a minimum focal distance of about 8 ft. Its body is made of polycarbonate and is ergonomic to guarantee firmness of grips.

The polycarbonate material also serves to make them lighter, impact resistance, and more durable. This HX model comes tripod adaptable to make your hunting experience more immersive. All the above features contribute to its 1250g weight, making it a piece of fairly large and heavy equipment to walk around with.

Steiner HX Series 15x56 Binoculars - Versatile, Clear, High Precision Adventure Optics for Low Light and Daylight Situations , Black Included accessories are the carry case, lens covers, cleaning cloth, neck strap, and the instruction manual. The ocular lens cover (rain guard) is fairly functional as it fits perfectly to the ergonomically designed eyecups. The shape of the rain guard dictates that you need to be precise when placing them.

The cost of these binoculars makes them a great bargain considering how well-packed the features are. If you buy them in Europe, you will get a 30-year warranty while you get a Lifetime Warranty in America. This is a piece of high-quality optical equipment, the only noticeable drawback being that you will need to purchase a harness to use it seamlessly.

Predator 10×42


Steiner 10x42 Predator Binoculars with Steiner Gear Bundle This model in the Predator Series line comes fully packed with unique features for big-time hunters. It is lightweight and adaptable for use in areas with any amount of light. They feature high contrast predator optics and color-adjusted transmission (CAT) coating to help your hunting game greatly. They achieve this by making the wildlife stand out when hiding in bushes.

Steiner 10x42 Predator Binoculars with Steiner Gear Bundle Additionally, the lens coatings increase the contrast making you see creatures trapped in wooded or camouflaged backgrounds. Its body has an Open Bridge design and weighs about 539g. Like most Steiner binoculars, this features a fully sealed and Nitrogen-filled Chassis and is made of polycarbonate.

The exterior is made of Nitrile butadiene rubber to make the surface resist oils and other chemicals. This model costs slightly under the $500 mark.

Marine Steiner Binoculars

The sea soldiers and water sport enthusiasts make up a huge segment of consumers in the binoculars market. While these binoculars can still find use in other fields, you will feel great value in marine. Here are some Marine binos you should know about:

Commander 7x50c

Steiner Commander Series 7x50 Marine Binoculars, Performance Marine Optics to Navigate Low Light or Fog, With Compass

Over the years, research at Steiner has landed them in the water savvy niche. The Commander 7x50c has found multiple uses in ship captains, marine patrol, fishing guides, tug boat operators, sailors, and racers. Through extensive research and testing, this model was brought to life.

Steiner Commander Series 7x50 Marine Binoculars, Performance Marine Optics to Navigate Low Light or Fog, With Compass The high optical capabilities of these binos mean that surveillance does not stop at land. This Commander model comes fully integrated with a fluid damped and HD stabilized illuminated compass with a ranging reticle. This addition can guide you through your deep-sea navigation with much ease.

Its magnification is 7x and weighs about 40.2 oz. This equipment also features a floating prism and an auto-focus system. Its exterior is rubberized to increase resistance to cracking brought about by salty water. You can get the Commander 7x50c.

Navigator Pro 7×50

Steiner Navigator Pro 7x50 Binoculars - Magnification 7X - High Contrast Optics - Floating Prism System - Sports-Auto Focus - Delivers Excellent Image Clarity, Navy Blue (7655)

This Navigator model closely borrows some features from the Commander Series to create binoculars for the recreational user. With 7x magnification and lowlight capabilities, sea exploration is made possible. Its Makrolon chassis comes Nitrogen-filled for fog and waterproofing.

An HD compass that is fluid damped and illuminated is attached to increase its visibility underwater. With the Navigator Pro, you also get high contrast optics to help you easily identify creatures underwater. To get this feature-packed and water-tolerant model for your next mission, you can check the price on amazon.

Military Steiner Binoculars

Constant immersion in research has made Steiner meet different militaries’ needs and standards. From optical performance to durability and fair prices, these binoculars make for top considerations. Various militaries in the world form part of Steiner’s clients owing to their expertise and reputation hence the need to develop some of these binoculars:

M830R 8x30r

This model has gained worldwide adoption in militaries due to its high optical performance and rugged design. It comes highly compact and rubberized to withstand slams and falls. These features, along with their durability, make it hard for most militaries to turn down.

The M830r is fairly light and provides the user with a wide field of view to see possible threats as fast as possible. This product is highly adaptable even when used in moving vehicles.

M1050r/LPF 10X50

Steiner Military Binoculars, Military-Grade Precision and Optical Clarity, 10x50

Tactical situations call for powerful binos to ease the ability to spot threats early on. This model perfectly fits low light, arctic cold, and desert heat environments. Worry not, as they are rigorously tested to handle these extreme conditions.

Tactics may involve smooth navigation, hence the need for the integrated compass and range-finding or custom reticles. Its great hardship handling capabilities have made this model common in war-prone areas. From the hills to open terrains, the M1050r is the go-to product. This beast weighs about 35.3 oz and costs $1220.


Adventure Steiner Binoculars

A good pair of binoculars is what every traveler, game watcher, and sports enthusiast needs to live and feel the moment. For ease of use, these types of binoculars need to be lightweight and provide high visual contrast. Moreover, the price needs to be reasonable to make it a must-have for most adventurers. Among others, here are some of the best fits to bring into your next adventure:

Safari Ultrasharp 10×42

Steiner came up with this model to provide its users with fantastic optical performance, lowlight functionality, accurate color capture, and, most importantly, image clarity. All this is done to enrich your experience to ensure you have something to talk about when you next meet your friends.

The Safari Ultrasharp 10×42 comes in 10x magnification and a weight of 24.6 oz. Its high contrast optics promise a natural feel of object colors. This model features an autofocusing mechanism to accelerate target recognition to ensure you do not miss out even on the smallest of moves.

Merlin Pro 10×42

If nature and bird watching is your hobby, Merlin Pro is the perfect fit for you. Even the rains should not stop you with this in your hands. It offers a wide field of view that makes it possible for you to locate targets much faster.

With two complete turns of the focus ring, you can get to the extremes, that is, from close focus to infinity. Steiner has made these binoculars non-distinguishable to birds by their choice of earth-tone brown color. The optic lens provides for long-distance focusing of birds and wildlife.

Tactical Steiner Binoculars

This line of binoculars is mainly used in battlefield operations. In that tight spot during a war, for a soldier, powerful binoculars may be the lifesaver. This is because it provides great visuals and magnification to pinpoint your enemy’s location. Here are some of the tactical Steiner binoculars:


This warrior’s lowlight functionality makes it one of the best tactical binos. This is because you can comfortably use it in total darkness. The T856r features Steiner’s Sports-Auto Focus to make it possible to spot objects with much ease. With 96% light transmission and an armored body, nothing beats this monster in the jungle. With $1250 you can get yourself this model.


If your reliance on binoculars is in question, consider getting the T1028. The 10x magnification guarantees sufficient visual excellence. Its 12.7 oz makes it fairly tolerable to carry around while its ergonomic features make it feel great in hand.

It is no myth that this model has found its way into several battlefields and came back fully fit. The price is unmatched among its competitors.

About Steiner Binoculars

Generally speaking, Steiner puts a lot of effort into its products. The ergonomics, functionality, and durability of their products are consumer-driven. This level of attention to detail is what has made Steiner become one of the most recommended manufacturers for optical devices, be it binoculars or riflescopes.

The numerous binoculars in their catalog are designed to fit into different budgets to accommodate more people. There are standard features that cut across most of Steiner’s binos irrespective of the price. Whether you are a hunter, fishing guide, or ship captain, you are not locked from finding your ideal fit.

If you add a tripod into the mix with the flagship models, you can be set for sky watching. The steadiness of your hand and position may be the limiting factors to your night adventure.

Conclusion on Steiner Binoculars

Hopefully, this guide has helped answer some of the questions you had. You now may have an idea of what features you need for your situation. With their promise to keep churning out new models, always be on the lookout to see what they have in store for your wants.

A quick look through Steiner’s catalog will reveal to you the numerous options of binoculars that you did not know you needed. To make your next adventure unique and memorable, consider any one of Steiner’s binoculars. You can never really go wrong with any of their products.

If the features do not wow you enough, the price points and warranty surely will. You can find their binoculars in their official online store, Steiner Binoculars on Amazon, other online retailers, or a physical optical shop near you. Beware of the varying prices across various outlets. If you are in the market for Nikon Monarch 5 then visit Nikon Monarch 5 10×42 Review here