Is Scooting Good Exercise for Adults?

Is Scooting Good Exercise for Adults
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People are looking for ways to stay healthy during COVID-19 lockdown and finding active travel on a scooter may be the answer. Riding a scooter is good exercise, and the benefits are clearer than ever in lockdown. Scooters are a great way to improve your fitness levels, as they help maintain a raised heart rate and provide an exercise that is low-impact. Scooting is an exercise that can be done on a smaller scale and offers full-body fitness. Scooters are a good alternative to walking if you need the increased heart rate that walkers don’t get. Taking up scooting for fitness is a great way to exercise without stressing your joints as much.

A kick scooter is a device that can be used to mix up your exercise routine- it could replace the gym. Changing your routine is necessary to keep motivation high. Scooting is a multi-planar exercise that can help people avoid muscle imbalances. Scooting can be balanced and healthy for your entire body. When it comes to traveling distance, a scooter is faster than walking and jogging. Riding a scooter is a great way to get your exercise in because you can go for shorter periods but at a higher intensity. Whether it’s discovering your local area or finding the positives, times like these need to be taken advantage of. Exercise is just as important for children as it is for adults, and scooting around the neighborhood accomplishes both of these goals. Scooting with children can be fun because the little ones are so excited. Getting out and exercising, as well as other activities like spending time in nature or practicing mindfulness, can help keep your mental health up. Adopting positive habits, such as walking instead of driving your car or riding a scooter, can help conserve energy and reduce pollution.

Key Takeaways:

• Scooters are a healthy alternative to driving
• Great for low-impact exercise – maintains heart rate, great small scale workout
• Scooters can be used indoors and out for all weather conditions
• Burn calories while having fun in COVID-19 lockdown

By adopting these ‘green’ habits now, we can help lead positive changes. Imagine the difference it would make if we all continue to minimize our impacts on the environment once lockdown has been lifted. source

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