Schwinn Phocus – Is it Worth the Price?

Schwinn Phocus Is it Worth the Price?
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Reason to Buy the Schwinn Phocus

This Schwinn Phocus is a carbon-fiber, aluminum frame road bike with enough gears for a range of terrain. 6061 Aluminum makes up the lightweight and durable frame. The Shimano shifters and derailleurs shift smoothly through 12 speeds to accommodate any rider’s fitness level or ambition. For beginners looking for an affordable first step into cycling, what size should you get? Large frames are built for riders 6’3″ and taller.

Reasons Not to Buy the Schwinn Phocus

The Schwinn Phocus is an excellent bike for those who want to feel like they’re on a track but don’t have the training or commitment to get there. The shifters reside at your fingertips, with your hands remaining in the center of the flat bars, so everything’s within reach, and you don’t need to worry about moving your outside hand when changing gears. The front breaks are easy enough that even novices can mush their way through tough situations. Comfort was put into consideration as well- you’ll be cruising around in style without much pain, thanks to this buoyant ride. At 26-29 lbs, however, it might be too heavy for some riders who may not enjoy having a sweet ride outweighed

To Buy vs. Not to Buy The Schwinn Phocus

The Phocus provides a great entry-level road bike. Its aluminum frame and carbon fork are definitely high quality, but some of the owners would replace parts in order to make it more functional. Although not recommended for avid cyclists still looking into upgrading their bikes, it can be an affordable option that will serve as a good base model before going all out with new improvements on your dream ride.

The Phocus seems to be a lot higher quality than a lot of Schwinn products. read more

The Phocus provides a great entry-level road bike.