Choosing The Right Rotisserie Motor

Rotisserie Motor
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Are you planning to purchase a new rotisserie motor?

Perhaps you are looking for a replacement for your current motor or have been thinking about the option of a rotisserie motor kit. Whatever the case, we are happy to lend a helping hand by providing a clear and concise guide to the type of rotisserie motor that will work for you. Ready to get started? Great, here we go!

Let’s Take A Look At Your Options

Rotisserie motors tend to fall into three different categories. These are as follows:

3v Battery Operated Rotisserie Motors

This type of motor is very much for domestic use. It’s the type of motor used for cooking skewers or cooking up a small meat feast for the family.

If you opt for a 3V rotisserie motor, you will have a weight capacity of up to 8kg. As far as the cost goes, this isn’t going to break the bank. Most motors that fit into this category will retail under the $50 mark. However, you will need to keep in mind that usage will be limited to what we described above. It is also useful to point out that these motors usually have nylon gears, which means you will need to keep it further away from the fire than its two counterparts that we will describe below.

It may be an obvious thing but allow us to point out one other important factor when it comes to these; if you do want to purchase a 3V motor, don’t go for one that has a plastic case as you do run the risk of it melting – not a good scenario at all! Instead, choose from the options that have metal cases.

12v Rotisserie Motors

This time our weight capacity goes up to 20kg; this is a significant jump from the 8kg maximum weight that a 3v motor would provide. The portability and convenience of motors that fit into this category make them an ideal choice for campers who will not have access to a power source but still want to cook up a feast in the glorious outdoors.

240v Rotisserie Motors

If 240v power mains are available, this is a great motor to opt for. The leap upwards for weight capacity can be massive; in fact, some motors will allow up to 100kg of weight. That being said, within this range, the weight capacity can vary greatly, and some 240v motors will still only provide a maximum weight of 20kg.

As an extra note for purchasing motors from this category, the excess weight which most allows will mean that the motors can turn and will operate for longer periods; hence it is crucial to ensure that you purchase a model which has a cooling fan to stop it from overheating. This should be standard, but it is well worth checking before you make a purchase.

How To Make A Good Choice on Rotisserie Motors?

Now that you understand the basics of each category, you are likely already going towards a certain one. However, if you still feel unsure, the best thing to do is consider what food types you plan to prepare.

If you plan to prepare a BBQ chicken for the family every now and then, is it is likely that a 3v battery-powered rotisserie motor would be sufficient.

However, if you have in mind preparing roasts regularly, then you really would need to consider either a 12v rotisserie motor or the 240v rotisserie motor.

If you fit into the category of roasting a whole pig and feeding the neighborhood, then you need to choose from the 240v variety without any doubt!

A Few Extra Tips From Us

Tip 1 Meat Will Change Weight As It Cooks

Many people are highly surprised as to how the total weight of the meat goes up from the start of cooking to the final part. This means you need to make sure that you buy a motor that can handle the weight for the entire process.

Tip 2 Invest In A Counterbalance Weight If Possible

If the load that you are roasting is not balanced correctly, you could end up with uneven cooking; not exactly what you want to serve your guests! Rotisserie Counterbalance Weight

Tip 3 Consider A Motor Replacement

If you already have a rotisserie motor, but it has decided to stop playing ball recently, you may not need to purchase a brand new motor. You may be able to buy a replacement that will give your current motor a longer lifespan.

The Bottom Line On Purchasing a Rotisserie Motor

There is nothing quite like sizzling meat to get the taste buds going! Investing in a good quality rotisserie motor can provide countless times to enjoy an excellent culinary experience for you, your family, or your whole neighborhood! I favor a charcoal grill equipped with a good quality rotisserie basket for grilling at the campsite, try looking at the Weber Performer Deluxe Review.


What is the rpm of a rotisserie motor?

Don’t be a chicken, slow down your cooking to avoid the ‘crispy’ label.┬áThe appropriate rotating speed for the rotisserie style largely depends on how much meat is being cooked. When cooking smaller amounts of food like ribs chicken breast, or sausage links, set the rotisserie motor around 4-6 RPMs so that you can get away with not overcooking it when using such small quantities of meats in one dish. Larger meats are cooked at lower speeds, 3-1 rpm

What can you use a rotisserie for?

You can cook any size of animal on a rotisserie. Big pigs, big turkeys, or just small lamb legs – it’s all good! Rotisserie cooking is great for turning a large deal of meat into tender, delicious protein. The rotating spit imparts flavor and evenly cooks the food on all sides as it rotates over an open flame or gas burner!

Does rotisserie cook faster?

When you are cooking on a rotisserie, your food is roasted, if it’s close to heat, the faster it will cook it. But be careful! This doesn’t mean that your chicken will automatically be cooked properly just because of how close it was roasting near hot flames; in fact if anything this might make things worse for chefs and home cooks alike as they may end up with crispy skin but still undercooked meat inside – which could lead to getting sick from eating something like raw chicken or eggs at all.

What do you call the rotating rod a rotisserie item is cooked on?

This is a skewer, but if it’s bigger and designed to hold an entire animal then you call this thing what? A spit. Cooking all over the heat source with meat on continuously rotating spits is called rotisserie cooking!

Is Rotisserie the same as roasting?

There are two types of roasting- traditional and modern. Traditionally, meat is roasted with radiant heat! This occurs over an open flame on a rotating spit (think medieval times). Modern roasters use convection ovens to cook their food by dry heating the air inside them.

How does a rotisserie work?

When you think about cooking a rotisserie chicken, it’s always in the back of your mind that this is going to be one expensive meal. Most people, would rather just buy already cooked rotisserie chickens than put all that time and energy into making their own. But now there are new life hacks out there that will help you make perfect homemade roasters at home!

The term “rotisserie” means rotating spit or skewer on an axis; as such, I’m sure if we looked up how these work then someone else has probably said it better than me before (sorry). There might not seem like much to them but trust me when I say those little metal birds get rotated over hot coals for hours until