Riding a Scooter is Healthy Thing to Do!

riding a kick scooter
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Riding a scooter is healthy and fun, but many people are not aware of the benefits. Scooter riding has become a new trend in Western Europe and is beneficial to the body more than cycling or jogging. Jogging can cause negative impacts on joints while scooter riding causes no such impact.

Scooter riding requires alternating tight and loose muscles. If you want to make this activity a little less tedious, try alternating between different muscle groups. You’ll be stretching your muscles when the body bends forward swiftly as it does in riding kick scooters and then relaxing them by straightening up again if you alternate stepping legs so that one side of the body isn’t overloaded with pressure from staying bent for too long! Scooters are a great, low-impact way to exercise and burn calories.

Key Takeaways:

• Riding a scooter can help stay healthy
• Scooters are an enjoyable way to get exercise
• A scooter is more relaxing for your joints than riding on hard surfaces like pavement
• Scooters are easier on your back – they cause less shock due to the lack of bumps

Scooter is an unexpectedly effective weapon in fighting obesity – according to calory charts, in a one-minute scooter ride at the speed of 18 km/hour you burn 0.76 kJ/per one kilogram of weight; while cycling at the same speed and the same time you burn “only” 0.46kJ. Source

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