Memphis Grill

Memphis Grill Review
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Memphis Grill Review

If you are deeply into grilling culture, then you appreciate grill designs that pack more features, offer a thrilling experience, and offer value for money. Most users want to exercise control and be free in their kitchen affairs. The more functionality that a grill has, the better so long as the pocket allows.

Memphis Grills has been in the industry long enough to understand the needs of most consumers. To accommodate nearly all, this company designed different models that can fit into different budget sizes. As a rule of thumb, it helps to prioritize your home’s needs before overlooking the fancy features you may never fully utilize.

Additionally, try to look into future prospects of your family size or guests to which grill may cover most of your needs.

Brief History of Memphis Grills

Memphis Grills is a family-owned grill manufacturing company that designs, engineers, and tests its models from its headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota. They have also added grill accessories such as grate kits, meat probes, direct flame inserts, foil pans, and the genie tool to their portfolio.

This company manufactures different types of grills, including gas, pellet, portable and built-in variants. With numerous awards to their name, Memphis Grills are now revered in the barbecuing space all over the world and have been a trendsetter for many years. In their pellet class, Memphis has three grill models, namely the Elite, Pro Pellet, and Beale Street, which can come as freestanding or built-in.

  1. Memphis Elite

Technical SpecsMemphis Elite
Dimensions in inches (LxWxH)29x69x47
Cooking Space1274 square inches
Temperature Range (degrees Fahrenheit)180-700
Weight283 pounds
WarrantyUp to 7 Years (Limited)
Maximum Cooking TimeUp to 62 hours
MaterialHeavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel
Hopper Capacity24 pounds

Other Notable Features

  • Wifi connectivity using Memphis’ proprietary mobile application.
  • Comes with two 12-pound pellet hoppers.
  • Nickel-plated steel grates.
  • The lid is insulated and airtight.
  • Direct sear grilling area.
  • Self-cleaning firepot.
  • Pull out grease and ashtray.
  • Dual convection fans.

Memphis Elite Full Review


In this Elite model, Memphis showcases superior craftsmanship in its heavy-duty stainless steel construction. This unit is designed to handle frequent and lengthy grilling sessions. The choice for the stainless steel construction is dictated by Memphis’s desire to deliver durable grills to their clients while also strictly adhering to international manufacturing standards.

The quality in the build is not compromised as steel is used in and out of it. Its cooking chamber is dual-walled to maximize heat retention even during windy or cold conditions. The lid, like the cooking chamber, is also dual-walled and further allows for tight sealing with its industrial-grade oven gasket.

In this model, the grates are constructed using nickel-plated steel, are non-stick and 6mm thick. This thickness guarantees durability while they keep distributing heat evenly to your food. The construction of this grill provides high storage capacity, ensuring you do not run out of storage space for your grilling tools.

There are heavy-duty locking casters fitted to help you easily move this unit around. These casters also work to enhance the stability of this massive piece of art.

Pellet-Burning Efficiency

After tests, it is safe to expect about 1.5 pounds of pellets to last you one hour. Under regulated heating temperatures, the 24-pound hopper capacity can provide up to 62 hours of continuous grilling time. If fully utilized, this duration and capacity are enough to feed a dozen people.

Temperature Control

At its price point, you are allowed to expect some next-level technology that allows for automation. Without standing next to your grill, the Memphis App allows you to keep tabs and adjust the temperatures of your food. This feature encourages multitasking, thus saving time.

This app also has automated recipes that inform you of specific temperature requirements and durations for different meals.

Direct Wood Flame Cooking

Throughout the world, most chefs understand how significant over the flame cooking is as it pertains to the taste of your food. Burning wood pellets provide unrivaled flavor-rich tastes, making them a real culinary game-changer. Not even the gas grills can match up to this pellet grill.

Straight flame inserts are included to allow you to directly heat your steaks.

True Convection Cooking

This premium Memphis model utilizes 2 4″ convection fans to evenly distribute the heat over its entire 844 cooking area. With its great engineered design, you do not need a rotisserie to circulate heat. Additionally, this heat circulation expedites your cooking, saving you some minutes if not hours.


  • Precise temperature control.
  • Provides direct and indirect cooking.
  • Quite easy to clean.
  • Extended warranty of up to 7 years.
  • Solid construction.
  • Allows for long-term grilling.
  • Large grilling surface.
  • High storage capacity.


  • It may be pricey to some, although it is feature-packed.


This American-made grill is designed to offer versatility in cooking. It is more than just a grill. You can use it to smoke, bake, or roast, among other uses.

If you desire and would like to keep enjoying char-crusted grilled goodness, then look no further than this. The fact that this model is energy efficient and has high heating capabilities makes it an impressive work of art for your outdoor area.

  1. Memphis Pro Pellet Grill

Technical SpecsMemphis Pro Pellet Grill
Dimensions in inches (LxWxH)29x57x47
Cooking Space834 square inches
Temperature Range (degrees Fahrenheit180-650
Weight283 pounds
WarrantyUp to 7 Years (Limited)
Maximum Cooking TimeUp to 62 hours
MaterialHeavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel
Hopper Capacity18 pounds

Other Notable Features

  • Features 18-pound pellet hoppers.
  • Steel constructed grates.
  • Wifi connectivity using the Memphis App.
  • Dual convection fans.
  • Oven-grade gasket.
  • Direct and indirect flame cooking modes.

Memphis Pro Pellet Full Review


This Memphis grill is available in 2 stainless steel grade variants which are the thick top grade 304 or the lower-priced 430. From far, the exterior finish looks impeccable. This unit comes with heavy stainless steel rods that serve to retain and disperse heat evenly for your food.

Its pellet hopper lies on its backside to allow you to add more pellets without interrupting your grilling. The freestanding version has four casters to facilitate movement when finding a sweet spot in your outdoor space. With the dual hopper, you can experiment by mixing different flavored wood pellets to create unique flavors on each side that gas grills cannot deliver.

Pellet-Burning Efficiency

Increasing its burning efficiency, this grill features double-walled steel and an oven-grade gasket. With this, your steak will not lose moisture or heat, thus maintaining and enhancing its smoky flavor. When filled, the 18 pounds of wood pellets can last you 1 hour at 350 degrees Fahrenheit before any addition.

Temperature Control

With this model, you can adjust the placement of the grates during direct or indirect cooking. Using the freely available Memphis App, you can monitor and adjust your cooking temperatures off the grill. Yes, you do not have to miss lots of minutes while watching your favorite sports matches.

The updates in this application come in the form of text messages or emails.

True Convection Cooking

Similar to the Memphis Elite, this model has dual convection fans which disperse the heat in the cooking chamber, ensuring the food is cooked evenly. Without this feature, creating magnificent pastries and loaves of bread may be very challenging. The engineering tech deployed in this model immensely contributes to the expedited cooking that it offers.

Direct Wood Flame Cooking

Flavoring your steaks strikes differently in the Memphis Pro Pellet grill. It is from different layers of gate placement; it is possible to sear your steak or burger over intense flames.


  • Offers wide temperature ranges.
  • Highly durable construction design.
  • Remote temperature control using Memphis App. (available in both Android and iOS)
  • Includes a direct flame insert and one meat probe.
  • Large 18 lbs hopper.
  • Comes with a genie tool for cleaning.


  • The size may be excessive for a small-sized family.


For a fraction of the cost of the Elite, you can still get efficiency, performance, and versatility in this grill. If you are into the grilling culture, most features in this unit will provide numerous cooking options.

  1. Memphis Beale Street

Technical SpecsMemphis Beale Street
Dimensions in inches (LxWxH)29x51x48.5
Cooking Space817 square inches
Temperature Range (degrees Fahrenheit)180-550
Weight200 pounds
WarrantyUp to 7 Years (Limited)
Maximum Cooking TimeLess than 24 hours
MaterialHeavy Duty 430 Stainless Steel
Hopper Capacity12 pounds

Other Notable Features

  • Cloud-based wifi to monitor and adjust grilling temperatures.
  • Convection oven cooking.
  • Cabinet to extend the storage capacity.

Memphis Beale Street Full Review


Like the other Memphis pellet grills, this model is also steel constructed. The only slight difference is that this model uses the less costly 430 variants. This clean finish makes it impeccable.

The body is compact to serve you for a couple of years. The massive unit has casters to help in its transportation. That said, it also has a built-in variant.

Pellet-Burning Efficiency

This grill is constructed with maximum heat retention in mind. The double-walled design ensures that heat does not escape, thereby reducing its consumption of wood pellets. This mechanism makes it possible to slow the grill, which gas models do not offer for the cost of those pellets.

Temperature Control

With this Beale Street model, moving away means no worries. This is because of its added functionality which is extended by the Memphis App. Just a glance of your smart device screen is enough as emails and texts are sent to keep you informed of the heating conditions of your food at all times.

This surely brings convenience when you have to keep preparing other meals in the kitchen.

Time Convection Cooking

Like the other Memphis pellet grills, this has convection fans located across each other to propel the heat and distribute it in the cooking chamber. This feature, while shortens the cooking time, also improves its energy efficiency. In the grilling world, functionality rarely gets better than this.

Direct Wood Flame Cooking

To soak smoke flavors, you can slow cook your steaks or go the wild way of exposing it to open flames. This unit comes with a direct flame insert that you can use to make your steak more crusty. If not, you can also caramelize the meat’s surface to give it the classic grilled look.


  • Employs Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC).
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Highly durable.
  • Allows for slow grilling.
  • Up to 7 years of limited warranty.
  • Fairly easy to clean.


  • Its cooking space can be a limiting factor when you want to entertain a large crowd.


If you do not intend to break the bank but still want a great pellet grill, the Beale Street is a model you should look into. This grill is not only a great option for the entry-level but also experienced persons. It has lots of features that most grilled-food lovers would like to explore and experiment with.

Conclusion on the Memphis Grill Reviews

If you are tired of getting costly pellet grills that break down much sooner and don’t meet your performance expectations, try checking out any Memphis Grill model discussed above. This is because, over time, Memphis has churned out releases that have captured the hearts and stomachs of their users.

The level of attention to detail that Memphis showcases in these pellet grills is mind-blowing and explains why these are best sellers online, even in physical stores. It is always advisable to get an appliance that attempts to do it all rather than clutter your kitchen with tools, leaving you with minimal working space.

Remember, the perfect grill is the one that has features that allow you to experiment and perfect your art of grilling. Even after purchasing either of the three, functionality does not end there, as you can further enrich your grilling game by adding more compatible accessories. Once you have your BBQ grill of choice, make sure to up your game with a Rotisserie Basket if it is not already equipped, for the juicy meat you’ll be grilling soon enough. The beauty of this adventure lies in taking your grilling to the next level with more recipes and exploration of your grill’s capabilities.

Are Memphis Grills worth the money?

But my favorite is the Memphis Pro or Elite Pellet Grills. You can’t go wrong with either of them, they’re both spectacular and make me love cooking more than ever before!

How do I reset my Memphis Grill WIFI?

So what you’re saying is that if I completely cut off the power to my grill, it’ll work better? This sounds like a pretty good idea. Unplug power for 60 seconds, reconnect power, turn the grill on, go to wifi, and then click setup.