How To Cut Down On Water Consumption

Cut Back on Water Consumption
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How To Cut Down On Water Consumption


Water dominates our ecosphere. It occupies up to 70% of the Earth [1]. Yet, much of it is not usable. We need clean water to survive as living beings, as well as sustain our environment. Water makes it possible for human activities to occur and this makes water crucial.


Unfortunately, more and more people are facing a clean water shortage. Water is one of the natural resources we should conserve from generation to generation.

How to Cut Your Water Consumption

Stop using your dishwasher (so much)

Dishwashers help you to wash plates easily and fast. They are useful, especially with lots of dishes. But each wash cycle can consume gallons of water. Enough to meet other water needs around the home. To reduce the consumption of water in society, always using your dishwasher is not advisable. Washing using the manual old way is the best option.


Enclose Water Containers

It is not only human activities that consume water, the environment does that too. Water reduces during the process of evaporation, which means water molecules escape from its surface in vapour form. This results in a decrease in overall water volume. When water is exposed, it is prone to evaporation and one way to avoid this is by covering the surface of the water.


Cultivate drought resistance varieties

There are plants which can survive in a hot environment. Those types of plants are called Xerophytes and they are drought resistant plants which do not need frequent irrigation. They can withstand that condition for months without wilting. Having these kinds of plants will save us from having to water each day.


Inspect Pipes and Faucets

Check regularly if the pipes and faucets around your home are punctured. The leaks from these ducts can lead to a loss of water because they can keep leaking for a long time when they are not detected. That is why regular inspection is necessary.


Benefits of Cutting Water Usage

It is necessary that we reduce the way we consume water. Check out the importance of cutting water usage below;

  • Cost-wise
  • Energy conservation
  • Management practice



Cutting water usage is equivalent to cutting down the bills spent monthly. Water usage in industries and homes increases our bills and if we can reduce the quantity of water used for household work or in industries, our bill will reduce. That is when you will take the reduction of water seriously. Likewise, the cost of distributing water and its treatment lowers the expenses of individuals or governments.


Energy conservation

Some people use cold water, others prefer it warm or hot. Cooking generally requires hot water and heat energy is needed to boil the water. The heat and time depend on the volume of water. Thus, as the water reduces, heat energy and time spent decrease.


Management practice

Sometimes, excess materials around us make us lose management skills.  Reducing water usage will facilitate how we think about water. It will give space for prudence and availability of water for other uses yet to unveil.


Everyone needs to understand that water is valuable. There is no substitute for it. Water is worth more than other fluids. It quenches our thirst and serves us more than we care for it. Would you like to see water dry up? Start minimizing its consumption today.



[1] National geographic. Our oceans are under attack by climate change, overfishing.