How to Prepare for an EMP Attack

How to Prepare for an EMP Attack ⚡

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9 Tips on How to Survive an EMP Attack

As preppers, we are aware of the threat an EMP attack poses to humanity. But without a doubt, if you are prepared for an EMP, then you are ready for anything. While we dread any disaster that could wipe out humanity, we must not let that fear cripple us.

What actually is an EMP?

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. Electromagnetic pulses are a form of radiation and can be caused by artificial sources like military attacks on electronic systems or natural causes like solar flares. We know that the Earth’s magnetic field provides protection from this harmful radiation via the magnetosphere. But it is also vulnerable to powerful manufactured electromagnetic fields – called ELFs (Extremely Low Frequencies). These man-created low-frequency ELF waves are huge in scale, ranging up to 1000 miles across, and this creates an intense electromagnetic pulse that could severely damage communications, electric power distribution systems, and other utility networks if they were aimed at Earth. The related risks are described in the National Academy of Sciences

No one wants to witness planes falling from the sky, vehicles hitting each other, digital communication channels being cut off, or the power grids being shut down. All these scenarios are pretty scary, but how you react to a situation like this determines your safety. Here’s how to prepare for an EMP attack.


After an EMP attack, we may run out of fresh drinkable water, and since there will be no electricity, there will be no way to pump water. Once an EMP attack happens, the first thing you should do if you’re at home is to store at least three months’ worth of water.

A family of 4 people will need at least 360 gallons of water to last for three months. Most people may not achieve this, so it’s advisable to have water filters, just in case you may need to survive off water from a pool, stream, lake, river, or melting snow.


We use electricity to run water pumps, power fans, recharge phones, and lots more. The mere thought of living without electricity for a day, talk less of months or years, is scary. With the power grid being the first thing that will go off after an EMP attack, you need to have EMP-proof power options. You need a solar system, a generator, and any other off-grid power source.

Solar panels and micro-hydro electric systems are a good way to power your home. You could even install wind turbines – if you dare! But be cautious: it’s easy for neighbors to start asking questions when they see that the lights in your house never seem out or why there is always noise coming from gas generators all hours of the day. When considering whether alternative energy sources would work best for you, think about what risks might come with such an investment before going ahead with anything more than solar panel installation and battery chargers.

Non-Electric Appliances for a World with No Power

You may never realize it, but electricity is not essential for everyday living. When the grid goes down after a catastrophic weather event or disaster like a hurricane, an earthquake, or—even worse—a nuclear attack, our basic human needs are still the same: food and water. That’s why many people have stockpiled non-electric appliances that can be powered by hand-generated power sources such as solar energy, manual labor with foot pumps or treadles, bicycles to turn generators that charge battery packs in cell phones which then power other tools/devices with hand crank converters.

Here are a few non-electric Appliances to think about

  • Solar Oven
  • Manual Can Opener
  • Hand Crank Grain and Meat Grinders
  • Hand Crank Coffee Grinder
  • Wind-up Flashlight
  • Butter Churn
  • Hand-Powered Water Pump
  • Well Sleeve or Bucket

A Well bucket is one of the most important gadgets that most people have never heard of. A well bucket fits around a spool on a windlass or pump set on top to automatically lower and raises buckets to bring up drinking water from wells enough for human consumption – gallons at a time. The system operates when the handle is cranked in both directions just as you would with an old-style hand washing machine: one-way lifts and drops water from ground level; while ratcheting in the other direction sucks air upward through a small outlet pipe connected below into valve attached to container trying tiered part within product head where mouth begins which nets potable flow. They are inexpensive, easy-to-use, require no power grids apart


Before an EMP attack happens, you need to get guns and ammo, set perimeter alarms, learn how to fight, and lots more. You may be wondering, “why do I need a gun during an EMP attack”? Make no mistake, someone will be coming for your two years’ worth of supplies, and you have to protect it.

You can’t feed the whole neighborhood, and if an EMP attack should strike, you will need more supplies than you have. Learn how to use self-defense ammo and ensure that everyone around you does too.

Self Defense Equipment

You should never underestimate the power of a chime. One can be hung from inside your entry doors for an easy and reliable alarm that will always go off if there is an attempted break-in or attack on you. Guard dogs are also great protection, especially in the dead of night when burglars may try to take advantage of sleeping family members. If this isn’t enough, though, don’t hesitate to use some hand tools as well – like boards up windows at ground level around the home where intruders could enter through easily accessible areas close by

Lighting for Security After EMP Event

Oli lamps have been around for centuries and are widely used in emergency situations. They create heat as they burn, which makes them especially useful on chilly evenings when you need a light without running up your power bill or using too much electricity over an extended period of time. Unlike candles, but candles are EMP-proof, but they are dim, messy, and vulnerable to the wind. These lamps do not produce smoke or soot; the burning wick does not drip onto a plate to melt the wax that loses its shape after cooling again, and there is no need for matches or lighters with oil lamps. Chemical light sticks are a good non-electric light source and no heat from them, but what about something with a longer burn time? This is where oil lamps come into play. The Dietz Original lamp has an 8 oz fuel capacity that will last eleven hours; it’s perfect for commercial spaces as well as your home emergency kit–you should have one on hand if you live in earthquake country or hurricanes following Hurricane Sandy can attest to how nice backup lighting is when the power goes out! The heat output of 909 BTU/hr means this lamp produces just enough illumination for reading and other tasks.

Turn Old Microwave Into a Faraday Cage

With an EMP weapon being invisible and having unknown effects on electronics, the homemade Faraday cage is your best bet. In short, the metal blocks electromagnetic waves from passing through it which protects all of your sensitive equipment inside. So what can you do? Use an old microwave oven or tightly sealed metal garbage can at your disposal.


Preparing for an EMP attack goes beyond having food in your bug-out bag for just 72 hours. You need to prepare for at least two years. Buy food storage to stash food for at least two years, and only store food with long shelf life.

If you do not want to run out of food after an EMP attack, you need to learn gardening. This is a vital skill that will help you produce and eat fresh food rather than eating only canned food or freeze-dried foods.

Food Production Supplies

Growing your food is not an easy task, but it may be necessary if you want to survive the next few years. It takes time and resources to make a farm sustainable enough for survival during dark times. The worst-case scenario of EMPs can also leave us without power for many years – leaving our gardens dead while we starve! If things go well with growing your crops, then fantastic; however, keep in mind that there are other ways people have found success on their farms: animals like chickens or goats will provide eggs and milk respectively as they eat weeds from around the property, which reduces the labor involved.

The first step to farming is getting the necessary supplies. It would help if you had seeds, livestock, and tools for a successful farm–as well as knowledge of seed saving or animal breeding techniques. Luckily you can learn these skills from books! Though it’s best not to give too much food over to your local warlord when he demands payments because often they’ll take advantage.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected with Barter Items

Barter items are a great idea for when the power is out. They offer little to no constructive use in your home but maybe worth trading for other things you will need once the lights go out. Items such as beans, bullets, and gasoline should be hoarded in this instance; however, vices like alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine can also be traded if you work hard enough at it. Hygiene products like soap and shampoo would prove useful too without electricity to run water or otherwise clean yourself off after working hard on a project all day long. And lastly, different forms of entertainment like books and playing cards can come in handy if one has nothing else to do during these dark times apart from eating canned goods straight from the tin or disaster.


You should have and know first aid. It’s easy to stock up medicines for common illnesses, but severe illnesses may require herbal medicines. So, you need to learn how to use oils, herbs, and natural remedies. There is nothing worse than writhing in pain without having access to medical help or knowing how to relieve this pain. Desperate times call for desperate and extreme measures. Each time you go shopping, stockpile for common issues. Then learn natural remedies for severe illnesses.


Bugging out during an EMP attack depends on how the explosion affected your home and area. If where you stay is badly affected by the attack, it’s important that your bug out. You will need to take big tents that can occupy you and your family. It’s preferable that you set up your shelter at least once a year to ensure that it’s still in good working condition.

Hand Tools for When there is No Power

Sure, building with power tools is a time-saving breeze. But if the power goes out you’re in trouble! To be sure your next project or repair isn’t a total loss, add these hand tools to your toolset and never worry about downtime again: saws and hammers are essential for anything from demolition to carpentry; planes, sanding blocks, and braces will help you put fine finishing touches on all of those wood projects; glue can fix even trickier repairs than ever before when it comes in tubes or caulk form; nails come in just about any size imaginable for both exterior and interior work.


You need radios or walkie-talkies after an EMP attack. Communication is vital in getting prepared for an EMP attack since our electronics will stop functioning if not protected by a Faraday bag or cage. Being able to talk with family and other preppers helps you know what’s going on around you.

In the event of an EMP or other regional disaster, one would need to be prepared for many situations. One possible situation that arises is the sudden incapacity of electronic communications devices such as cell phones, which could leave people isolated from help. In this case, CB radios and are a person’s best chance for contact with the outside world. It would not take much–a Faraday cage protecting them from EMP exposure will work just fine (assuming they have batteries).


Having like-minded people around you is important. You will need the help of other preppers because you cannot do everything on your own. You may have defense skills, but you may not know how to deliver a baby. So, you need other preppers around you that are preparing for an EMP attack. This way, you can all help and support each other.


In the event of an EMP attack, your vehicle may likely stop working. So, how do you transport your supplies? You can walk, use a bike, ride a horse if you have one, or buy an EMP Proof vehicle. Out of all the options mentioned above, you should plan on walking a lot. This means you need to get a good pair of hiking boots that can help you go long distances without wearing off.

In the end, it might take a while to get all these items ready, but you need to start today. Take your time and put everything together piece by piece.

Do you have an EMP proof bag? An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation. It can be generated by natural events such as lightning, or man-made events like a nuclear explosion. The most common type of EMP event is from the sun’s solar flares and coronal mass ejections which are called geomagnetic storms. These effects on electronics depend on how strong the magnetic field was and for how long it lasted; if powerful enough to cause significant voltage surges in power lines then there will likely be damage to electronic equipment that wasn’t protected with proper shielding mechanisms.

The World Will Almost Certainly End In Your Lifetime but Probably Will Not

Every day people have different thoughts of what could happen to the world. For example, some people think that a great depression will be coming soon because they see many signs such as unemployment rates and inflation rates going up. Other people believe that global warming is happening, so this might come true in the future if governments don’t do anything about it. However, there are other ways that the world can end, which are more unlikely but not impossible by any means. There are natural disasters like floods or volcanoes erupting where these would take out cities and towns on their own accord without human influences. Or maybe they’ll be an alien invasion from space? This does seem unlikely, though, since we haven’t seen any aliens yet, but one never knows!

FAQ on EMP Attack

Can we survive an EMP attack?

It’s the aftermath of an EMP attack that will be truly devastating. Whole countries could potentially live without power for years at a time, and it would take every ounce of ingenuity to make sure people can survive in their current conditions.

How long would it take the US to recover from an EMP attack?

The power grid is vital to the economy of our nation, and should it experience a catastrophic breakdown we could be without electricity for years. The National electric grid has almost no backup capability in the event of such an occurrence which means that 4-10 years will pass before we can get back on track again.

Can an EMP Stop a Car?

In the aftermath of an EMP, only about 1 out of 50 vehicles are likely to be rendered inoperable. That is a rather small number considering that there are over 250 million cars on American roads alone. However, with drivers looking for information they can trust it’s understandable why people have so many questions about potential damage to their vehicle after an electromagnetic pulse attack.

Does an EMP permanently destroy electronics?

In the age of electronics, EMPs are a major threat. A high voltage and current surge can have severe effects on semiconductors which could either be imperceptible or lead to them blowing apart.

How do you harden against an EMP attack?

To harden against an EMP attack, you can either shield your items or make them resistant. Metallic shielding is the simplest way to protect electronics from EMFs by surrounding them with a continuous piece of metal such as steel.

Are EMP weapons illegal?

Many countries around the world are currently discussing whether or not to ban EMP weapons. Would the United States government, Federal law prohibits it use but use of these types of weapons, and the argument is that it allows a country to respond with increased force if necessary, which might be more effective in preventing escalation when compared to other military methods such as nuclear warfare. While many experts disagree on this use case, it’s difficult to say what will happen because there has never been any practical testing done using electric pulses against actual ground targets before.

Will an EMP destroy solar panels?

Solar panels allow you to save on your electric bill, and while they’re relatively safe from the effects of an EMP, some people may be worried about them being affected by solar storms. The news is that solar panels contain very little electronics, which could be affected if they were hit with an EMP pulse. However, any panel attached to the grid would likely suffer damage as well, so you should always have backup generators nearby in case power goes out for more than just a few minutes!

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