Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

Ancheer Folding Electric Bike Review
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The Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

Throughout the world, the cyclist movement has been gaining more traction each year. Increased environmental pollution awareness, traffic, and the need to minimize transport costs are just some of the reasons for this shift. Additionally, there has been an increase in legislation that favors pedestrians and cyclists.

The introduction of electric bicycles into the market has provided consumers with more economical and efficient alternatives to traditional bikes. With an electric bicycle, you spend far much energy to have a push. You also do not necessarily have to fit to use them as your means of transportation.

The Ancheer Folding Bike is an electric bike fitted with a Lithium-ion battery to help you cover more miles much faster with each full charge. This mountain bike comes designed to fold into a compact form that paves the way for smooth transportation and storage. The space-saver bike also comes about 90% assembled and only requires less of your effort to get it on the road.

Produced by Ancheer, this e-bike is designed at its headquarters in Los Angeles, California but manufactured in Taiwan and China. The low manufacturing costs of these two countries are the main consideration. It enables Ancheer to offer competitive prices to beat its competitors in this highly competitive electric bicycle market.

The future of electric bikes certainly looks bright as more people get carried away by their efficiency, low maintenance costs, and the establishment of electric charging stations across the world.

Ancheer Folding Electric Bike Specifications

ColorWhite or Black
Frame MaterialAluminum
Wheel Size26 Inches
Battery36V/8 Ah Lithium-ion
Top Speed17 Miles Per Hour
Brake SystemMechanical Disc
Suspension TypeDual
Working ModesE-bike and Assisted
Number of Speeds21
Weight27kg/60 lbs.
Load Capacity150 kilograms/330 lbs.
Mileage Range25 to 50 kilometers/15.5 mi. to 31mi.
Full Length170 cm/69.93 inches

Features of the Ancheer Folding Electric Bike


Fitted with a 36V 8Ah Lithium-ion battery and a 250-watt stable motor, this bike is capable of meeting most people’s daily commuting demands with a single charge. This battery and motor work together to provide you with propulsion assist when you pedal. This battery’s power is sufficient to help you climb up to 15 degrees angled hills and also cruise much swiftly through rough terrains.

Due to its remarkable energy efficiency, you only require a few charges to get through the week. The 36V battery is a good fit as it holds the charge to help you commute to work or otherwise at better than average speeds to help you save more time. Traffic jams become less of a nuisance as you can easily navigate through with this beast.

After frequent tries of this bike, it is safe to say that you may begin to consider ditching driving. This is because it provides for fewer parking worries and more health benefits as compared to vehicles. Since a majority of the people cover less than 15 miles daily, the electric components of this bike can conveniently deliver on that demand.

It takes between 4 to 6 hours to fully charge this battery, providing you with extra time to indulge in your day’s activities. To access the battery pack, check the little bag located at the front of the handlebars. For the full-throttle mode, you can ride at 17 miles per hour without pedaling.

The pedal assist modes help to ease both steep climbing and high wind conditions. With the great placement and alignment of the electrical components, this bicycle will impose its presence wherever you park it. The brake system, shifters, and throttle control feel natural while at the same time are easily accessible.

With the minimum settings, you can get approximately 31 miles of distance. If you decide to rid yourself of pedaling, you will get about 15 miles of battery coverage. The 36V can theoretically provide you with about 3 to 4 hours of revolutionary rides when fully charged.

The battery of this model is easy to install as you only need to slide it into position behind the upright seat tube. In case you need to replace any of this bike’s spare parts, kindly countercheck its compatibility before committing your hard-earned money to ship them. Your precision during this period will save you both money and time to keep you enjoying those cruises into and out of town.


This e-bike utilizes the mechanical disc brake system. This easily accessible brake system is enough to help you halt the bicycle much faster in case of an emergency. By simply pulling the brake lever, this Ancheer model’s brake cable gets pulled and consequently pulls the brake caliper that essentially pulls the brake pads into the rim.

The lack of additional yet complex components on this brake system helps to lower its risk of failure as compared to bikes that use other brake systems.


This bicycle’s rims are specifically made of Magnesium Alloy to significantly lower its weight. This feature makes it tolerable to carry for short distances. It provides sufficient weight support; the wheel comes with 6 ultra-strong spokes integrated into them.

The lack of extra spokes means you have fewer worries with regards to spokes tension problems that come with heavy maintenance. The Magnesium Alloy also adds to its fairly indestructible form to help the bike withstand falls and light crashes. Likewise, the use of this lightweight material and its design immensely contribute to this bicycle’s aerodynamics.


This Ancheer Folding Electric Bike comes fitted with a 250-watts high-speed brushless motor to provide you with enough power to propel you as you pedal. Though it is not the best, this motor is enough to help you go uphill with speeds of between 15 to 17 miles per hour. Given that most cyclists today live in urban areas, most terrains are suitable, making this bicycle a no-brainer choice for use.

More importantly, all its variable speed modes are controlled on the handlebar.


This e-bike’s frame is made of aluminum to provide for its ultra-lightweight yet strong properties. This frame is also collapsible to facilitate faster folding and easy storage. The front part also features a high-strength carbon fork that helps to absorb shock when driving through uneven grounds while also adding to its aerodynamics.

The stem of this bicycle is adjustable to provide more comfort.


Its tires are thick with an anti-slip wear-resistant feature. The treads have a versatile design to handle rainy, snowy mountain ways and roadways by providing added grip on the dirt.

Additional Features

  • Full suspension to further help the bicycle to absorb bumps and drops in your way, without feeling sluggish.
  • A bright LED headlamp to increase your visibility in the dark.
  • Horn to ease your way through traffic.
  • 3-speed smart meter button.
  • Smart Lithium battery charger.
  • Kick-stand

How to Use This Bicycle

  • To turn off the meter, press the “M” button for 2 seconds. Its default value is ‘low’.
  • To increase the pedal assist level from low to high, press the “+” button.
  • Likewise, to reduce the pedal assist level, press the “-” button.
  • To enter into the purely electric mode, press the “-” button till all the three indicators are off.

Pros of this Electric Bicycle

There are a lot of great features to make for compelling consideration of this Ancheer Folding Electric Bike. Here are some of those reasons:

  1. Has keys to lock the battery.
  2. It offers great mileage per dollar as compared to fuel-powered vehicles. This is the predominant reason for its adoption by a majority of commuters, besides the collapsible factor.
  3. The motor is silent for both levels 1 and 2.
  4. Its price is fairly reasonable.
  5. There is less physical exertion when using this Ancheer model. When commuting to work or school, it may be crucial to preserving most of your energy to begin the day’s activities on a high note. It is preserving your energy through the assisted mode while providing faster speeds to get you to work or school.
  6. The three levels of assist make it highly adaptable to different situations.
  7. Easy to assemble
  8. The 8Ah Lithium-ion battery is removable, making it possible to charge it on or off the bicycle.
  9. It is slightly water-resistant.


Issues are about to arise, as it is with every product out there. Here are the most dominant issues with regards to this bicycle:

  1. There are numerous reported concerns over the quality of the suspension fork.
  2. There is unclear legislation with regards to the use of electric bikes. Under most jurisdictions around the world, the use of electric bikes such as this one may not be clear to the public.
  3. To own one, the upfront costs are high. While the maintenance cost of this model is low, purchasing one feels expensive. For some, it may not make sense to spend about $800 on a bike.
  4. The battery has also been reported to have a depleted battery life after a few months of use.
  5. Its weight might be intolerable to some users, especially children.
  6. The extended height of this bicycle provides limitations to a huge segment of the market.
  7. It lacks water bottle bosses for attaching a bottle cage.
  8. The saddle feels low quality.
  9. It is significantly difficult to pedal this bicycle when the battery is drained due to its 60 lbs weight.
  10. The battery indicator light is highly inaccurate, especially when it falls under the 3-bars.

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The Ancheer Folding Electric Bike is the ideal choice for short-distance commuters that are tired of getting caught up in traffic and spending hours. Its slightly under $800 price tag makes it a great entry into the electric bike space as it provides a mix of functionality and sustainable maintenance. In this modern era, Ancheer has become popular, thereby increasing the availability of their bicycle’s spare parts.

The use of ultra-strong aluminum and magnesium alloy makes this bike considerably long-lasting. Its compact and highly adaptable capabilities make it suitable for use in outdoor camping and mountain climbing. However, it is imperative to note that you should not expect an easy ride on such terrains.

The instruction manual that comes with the bicycle is enough to help you to fully assemble it. Additionally, a few clicks into YouTube will get you a great tutorial to assist you. While it lacks top-money features, this bicycle certainly gets the job done.

If your cycling needs are casual and weekend-based, then look no further than this. This model strikes a balance in performance to provide its user with continued transportation in case they feel tired pedaling and is also a workout tool to help you keep fit whenever you need to. The foldable design is enough to draw plenty of attention while the sleek finishing on the exterior retains it.

From afar, none of the features of this bicycle feel overlooked. Additionally, you need to bear in mind the legal restrictions surrounding the use of electric bicycles in your city without forgetting its speed limits. The cushioned seat is adjustable to provide adaptability under different situations.

This electric bicycle delivers both motor power when you truly need it and enjoyable rides when you do not. For additional safety, consider getting a lock to secure this bicycle when parking. While this may mean incurring additional costs, it is necessary, especially for an electric bicycle this expensive.

The price attached to this bike is fairly reasonable since it is an entry-level electric bicycle and also costs less to maintain. While most of its features are borrowed from other Ancheer mountain bicycles, this model is not a full off-road bicycle. In essence, do not expect this model to be the ultimate electric bicycle as that is likely not the case.

Owing to the high prices of electric bicycles, the slightly under $800 feels more like a steal, especially when you weigh the bicycle’s performance.